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The most important part of any landscape project is the design. Today’s trend is to think of our front and back yards as an extension of our home. But there’s a big difference between inside and out. Inside walls don’t bloom, chandeliers don’t change colors and drop their leaves, and carpeting doesn’t need to be mowed weekly. The fact that your landscaping will continue to grow and change is why the design process makes such a difference in whether it works for you and your family and how easy it is to maintain. This applies to everything from hardscaping – patios, walkways, hot tubs, arbors, pergolas, decks, fences, retaining walls – to landscaping – trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and cutting gardens. They’ll all come together to create a beautiful oasis that changes and will become more enjoyable each year. Working with our highly skilled, award winning design team will make this process a great experience and add value to your home.

Here at JTS our Design/Build process is as follows:

  • Discuss client’s needs
  • Review client’s ideas
  • Discuss budget considerations
  • Inspect the site
  • Define objectives
  • Provide information & design alternatives

We then provide our clients with a working concept drawing or master plan that we can use in the estimating process. Once the project has been finalized we gather any permits needed to construct the project. We work close with our clients on scheduling and throughout the project to exceed their expectations and creating the outdoor living space they always wanted.

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